• We will want your newborn sleepy for the entire session, that is how we accomplish those cute and cuddly sleepy poses, so having your newborn in that “ milk drunk” state with a full belly, is exactly how we will want to get started. Please DO NOT withhold any feedings from your baby prior to our session, instead we will work closely together in determining a good time based on any feeding schedule if one already established. It is very important your baby gets a full tummy prior to the beginning of the session so we can spend the most time taking pictures during your session. – During the session, we may take a nursing or bottle break, make sure to bring an extra bottle if you are bottle feeding if the baby should get hungry and needs a break.

  • I keep the studio nice and warm during the session to ensure the comfort of the baby, since they are photographed in the nude! You know that means as adults, we will be very warm! Make sure to bring short sleeves to wear when you are not being photographed, so you are comfortable!

  •  There is no need for clothing in the newborn session. we will keep the baby swaddled for family portraits, all which we have here!



As the parent, what am I responsible for during the session?

I will be doing most the work. You did all the work getting the baby here, so it is your time to sit back, watch, and enjoy the process! On occasion, I will need help with propping your little one for certain poses, which may require a little help from either Mom or Dad.  At all times, a parent will need to be present at the session with your newborn and myself during the photoshoot.